Time Return Melatonin Cream

New Melatonin Elasticity Care

Overnight skin care reversing time, better than a good night's sleep
Hydrating & Soothing

Celery & Cherry water moisturizes and calms skin.

Skin brightening & Anti-wrinkle

Ministry of food and drug Safety-approved dual function for brightened healthy skin

Elasticity enhancement

Contains 5% Melatonin Liposomes and Adenosine to tighten skin

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+ New Melatonin Elasticity Care

The Melatonin Cream with 50,000 ppm Melatonin Liposomes and Adenosine, presents vitality to skin building resilience as a good night's sleep

+ Creates solid hydrating film for resilient skin

Nutrients absorbs smoothly into skin and create a solid, siliky hydrating film to present radiating clear skin

+ Relaxing golden time sleep complex

Contains Flower Complex presenting well=rested moisturized skin to help calm tired skin just like a good night's sleep

+ Moisturizes & calms skin

Contains celery & cherry water that moisturizes and soothes skin while presenting a comfortable, hydrated skin

Check your skin condition!
Check all that apply!

◈ Skin Appears exhausted after a good night's sleep

◈ Skin condition is poor due to overtime work, late get-together, and stress

◈ Skin lost vitality, lacking elasticity

◈ When skin appears dry and makeup seems cakey

◈ Lack of skin care due to change in life style

◈ When Complexion is dull and blemishes stand out

If you checked off more than two, it's time for Time Return Melatonin cream!

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There's a phrase "Beautiful women are sleepyheads"

But reality keeps you from sleeping

The Problem is not Sleep

but missing skin's golden time

When you sleep during golden time

    • Moisturized skin
    • Brightened Clear Skin tone
    • Fresh Complexion
    • Solid and Sooth Skin

Irregular Sleep

    • Dry and Rough skin
    • Dark and sunken eyesand Sooth Skin
    • Hollow, Droopy cheeks and laugh lines
    • Desolate, Saggy skin
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